Building Coverage

This type of coverage will pay for direct physical loss or damage to Covered Property at the             premises, that was caused by or resulted from an event covered in the policy. This can help       provide restitution in the event that your building or any personal property is damaged due         to unforeseen circumstances. It can cover building repairs and provide materials if your               office or greenhouse is irreparably harmed, and allow you to quickly and easily fix your               property and operations and continue with your business.

Building Coverage is a must have for most businesses, as nearly all will require a physical               location for at least an office headquarters, and oftentimes also a retail location or storage           facility. This insurance also will cover damage to your business-owned property, eg desks,         chairs, etc., in case there is a malfunction or harm done to any property. Having this type of         coverage will provide you with peace of mind regarding your business assets, and will allow       you to continue to operate your business without having to worry about losing your                       workspace.