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What is Budrisk?

Budrisk is a leading insurance provider for businesses in the marijuana industry. We seek to protect your business and assets by connecting you with high quality, affordable insurance providers. Budrisk understands this industry is relatively unestablished in Massachusetts. Our professional team can legitimize your business to our specialty underwriters.

Do you sell marijuana?

In short: no. We are an insurance agency, just like all other insurance agencies you may have seen or worked with. What makes us unique is that we work exclusively with companies that are involved in the marijuana industry such as dispensaries or cultivators. We match these firms with specialty insurance providers to provide coverage for their safe and efficent growth. 

What are some typical requirements?

Protecting your products is a crucial requirement to be eligible for insurance. For cannabis firms, a great starting point is a large safe for cash and marijuana. Most insurance carriers want to see at least a 550lb safe, and bolted to the floor if under 2000lbs. The safe must also be in a room with a high fireproof rating and comply with all state requirements.

What are specialty products?

Specialty products are manufactured goods that people often use for consumption of marijuana. Examples are pipes, bongs, vaporizers, batteries, grow lights, and numerous other products. Even though companies that manufacture or distribute these products may not required to have a license, they oftentimes are required to be insured through an insurance carrier.

Need more information? Contact us for a complementary consultation.

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