Builder's Risk

If you’re operating within the cannabis industry, you likely have some kind of physical                      infrastructure in place to begin running your operations. However, oftentimes you need to            renovate or repair your premises and buildings, or perhaps you wish to expand your firm and      build more greenhouses or dispensaries. Property Insurance generally covers finished                buildings, but if you plan to update or renovate any part of your business, you’ll want                    Builder’s Risk insurance.

Builder’s Risk Insurance covers the costs of materials and equipment used to update a                    building. This can include wooden beams, bricks, power saws, and steel girders, and any          other material you may use. If these items are stolen or destroyed during the construction            process, this insurance can free you from costs and liability, and allow you to easily                      repurchase materials and continue on with construction. This gives you the peace of mind to      build the vision you have for your business, and can help you create the best possible                facility.