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Consumption Lounge Insurance

Protect Your Budding Business From Risk. 

Consumption lounges are a new addition to the maturing Cannabis Industry. These lounges offer consumers a place to socialize while enjoying cannabis products like flower, joints, and edibles to those of age for purchase and use while on the premises. Consumption lounges provide a safe space to consume, being that cannabis is strictly regulated from seed-to-sale and that these lounges are operated by knowledgeable professionals. 


However, these consumption lounges also add new complexities and unique risk exposure for operators. Consumption lounges face many of the same liabilities and risks as dispensaries and cultivation facilities, including on-premise slip and falls, product recalls, crime exposure, loss mitigation and health-related risks.


Budrisk’s team has extensive experience in the retail and hospitality markets, so we know how to help you protect your lounge, your employees, and yourself from potential harm.

A standard policy to protect corporations from claims about property damage or bodily harm.

Policy to protect executives from claims against them or their company due to alleged negligence.

Insurance to provide wage replacement for workers injured on the job and defend companies from employee lawsuit.

Coverage for all company-owned unattached property, such as furniture or equipment.

Provides continued income in the event of unexpected business disruption. 

Offers healthcare and benefits packages to selected employees and executives.

Provides full restitution of value of stolen goods in the event of property or product theft.

Covers repairs or replacement for damage to company-owned property and equipment.

Policy designed to protect professionals against liability related to their specialty.

Protects equipment and material used for construction/renovation of your building.

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