Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Insurance provides wages and medical benefits to employees who are      injured while working. Almost all employers are required to have a workers compensation            policy in MA (See General Laws of MA Chapter 152, section 1(4).) Members and partners of        an LLC, LLP, partnership, or sole proprietor are not required to purchase workers                        compensation insurance for themselves, but can opt to have coverage if desired. Workers          Compensation insurance provides medical benefits, wages, and a death benefit, if an                  employee is injured, gets sick or dies while working. One could consider this important                insurance product a combination of health, disability, and life insurance, though business            owners and key employees should have a separate insurance policy for each of these                concerns as well.

Workers Compensation not only provides medical benefits and wages to employees who are          injured or contract disease while working; this important and legally required insurance also        protects employers from severe and potentially bankrupting lawsuits. Even though the rates        are mostly determined by the state of MA, Budrisk has access to companies that specialize        in the cannabis industry and can provide special pricing up to 30% less than your current            premium. Our agents and representative carriers can work with you and your workforce to          provide education about workplace safety and emergency response. If workplace injuries            and illnesses are a big concern to you as an employer, our agency will work with you and            your employees to help reduce the frequency of incidents, build a better workplace                      environment, and trim down your premium.