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Directors & Officers Liability

Having financial protection for your business’ directors and officers, yourself included, can prevent loss in the event that they are held liable from actions related to their corporate positions. This can include anything from conflicts of interest to mismanagement of company assets and violation of laws. The cannabis industry is fraught with innumerable regulations surrounding how to handle cannabis and operate your business: D&O Insurance can protect you if hidden regulations threaten your business.

This policy covers not only mistakes and liabilities made by your company, but also liabilities due to direct mismanagement by individuals. Receiving a D&O claim is one of the worst claims a business can receive, as it can harm not just your business, but you personally. Even though you may run your business efficiently and legally, people may bring fraudulent claims against you for their own personal gain in the highly competitive cannabis market. Budrisk can keep both you and your business protected with an expertly crafted Directors & Officers Liability Insurance policy.

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