Growth and cultivation is the beginning of the entire marijuana industry. By ensuring strain quality, growth potential, and timely harvesting, cultivators produce the base product that is spread throughout the industry. This crucial process comes with inherent risks: crop failure, greenhouse malfunctions, or product theft. Here at Budrisk, we have identified these risks and others, and can help you manage risk effectively for continuance of your business.

The distribution process is a crucial step in the movement of marijuana to dispensaries across the United States. Safe and rapid transport of valuable cargo is one of the fastest growing aspects of the marijuana industry, and one that Budrisk understands. Industry dangers such as product theft exist alongside standard shipping risk, such as automobile damage. Budrisk's team of industry professionals have developed an insurance package that can be tailored to your needs as a distributor.

Dispensaries are typically the most visible part of the marijuana industry. With thousands of visitors daily, dispensaries service consumers with much of their marijuana needs. These businesses have high levels of face-to-face interaction with customers, and often require insurance before they can even open. Budrisk's team has detailed experience in the retail market, and can help protect your store, your employees, and yourself from potential harm.

The 21st Century has brought with it a host of new methods to consume marijuana. Oils, candy, and updated smoke pieces such as bongs or vaporizers have become mainstream, and are sold across the United States. Some of these products are cutting edge and relatively untested: Budrisk can help you protect your company from product recall, equipment breakdown, and associated perils. 

An integral but often overlooked sector of the cannabis industry, testing labs ensure product and strain quality to protect the consumer. These labs are filled with expensive, high tech equipment that must be protected if your business is to survive: Budrisk professionals can ensure that your testing facilities, and your researchers, are safe from harm and litigation. 

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