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Crop & Utility Failure

Many other types of coverage will protect your building, company, and employees, but this can protect what may be most crucial to the cultivator business: plants. Crop and Utility Failure is insurance for your cannabis plants themselves, and will provide restitution for destroyed or damaged plants in the event that an accident occurs within your greenhouse. This can be through fire damage, a burst pipe, or a power outage that shuts your business down - if it halts growth, you can be reimbursed for it. In the cannabis industry, you can be growing plants in the six-to-seven figure range. One season of malperforming crops can put your business years behind the competition, from  which you may never recover. If you are an uninsured marijuana grower, or you are insured for General Liability but not Crop Failure, contact the Budrisk professionals, who can help personalize an insurance plan for the safe and efficient continuation of your business.

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