General Liability

General Liability policies protect businesses from lawsuits, most often involving bodily injury or        property damage to others. If a customer slips on a wet floor entering your dispensary or has      their shipping vehicle damaged by a malfunctioning crop loader, General Liability will cover        this. Some general liability policies will even include coverage for alleged personal and                advertising injury defamation as a result of slander, libel, or copyright infringement. Your              business could even be sued as a result of financial loss caused by a cannabis product              made by your business, even if the loss was in no way your fault.

We are living and working in a litigious society, and businesses are often the target of lawsuits        both credible and frivolous. When lawsuits occur that are covered by General Liability                  insurance, the insurance company has the duty to defend and indemnify the insured                    business for the financial loss. Legal defense costs can be extremely expensive, and many        businesses do not have the cash reserve to pay tens, or sometimes hundreds of thousands        of dollars to hire an attorney or law firm qualified to defend cannabis-related grievances. If a        claim against your business is tried or settled, damages could range in the millions, and your      business and future earnings could be devastated.

General liability policies are not typically that expensive compared to many other types of                insurance, but this coverage should be core to your business’ insurance portfolio. Depending      on your business’ operations, there are insurance companies that offer preferred pricing and      special programs specifically for your sector within the cannabis industry. Our agency can          help you to find a competitively priced policy including coverage specifically tailored for your      line of work.

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