Inland Marine Insurance protects against the loss or damage to different types of property in           transit, including cannabis, computer equipment, buildings under construction, motor truck         cargo, customer’s property in a business’ care and control, and other types of business               property. Consider all the property that your business handles, stores, transports, or is                 contractually obligated to indemnify if held responsible for loss or damage. For instance,             many businesses these days have technology that is extremely expensive, including                   satellites, point of sale systems, servers, machines, or security systems. Other businesses           store massive amounts of data containing personal and private client information. A security       breach or virus could cause your business to lose extremely valuable information that your           business could not afford to replace if corrupted. Whether you business has real property or       intellectual property, an Inland Marine policy can be customized to protect your business.

Inland Marine insurance policies are flexible, and used most often for cannabis transportation           businesses with unique property insurance needs. These policies were created by the                 insurance industry to allow for a flexible and customizable contract to protect business                 property. Originally, marine insurance protected property while being shipped overseas,             and transported through a supply chain of distributors. This type of policy is now essential           for many companies that transport high-value product, and cannabis certainly falls into that         category.

General Liability