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Belmont Bud Blues

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Pot shops are popping up all over Massachusetts, and there's some controversy regarding a potential shop in Belmont.

Belmont, a small town just outside of Boston, is your typical picturesque east-coast town. Small homes, plentiful flowers, a beautiful church, and (potentially), a cannabis dispensary.

Dispensaries are becoming more and more common throughout the state, but the Belmont dispensary is under scrutiny by both residents and a planning board, for its proximity to Belmont High School.

Belmont High School (image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Residents are concerned that the location, only a few hundred feet from the school, is far too close to where their children study each day. With the stigma of marijuana as a dangerous drug still everpresent in many high school's drug safety curriculums, parents worry about the amount of drug sales that could go on close to the school, and ensuring the environment around the educational center is still safe.

Belmont is one of the districts in MA that has approved the building of cannabis businesses, and a meeting is scheduled for Tuesday night to discuss potential concerns. The decision will be finalized in a special town meeting this November, with the shops to follow soon after.

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