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Budrisk's Warm Wishes and Year-End Highlights.

The Cannabis Industry’s #1 Trusted Choice for Insurance Services.


This year has been a pivotal one for the cannabis industry, with more retail businesses coming online like our friends at LowKey, Comm Ave Canna, and several other locations in the northeast and beyond. We’re also experiencing a boom in New York and New Jersey. Through growing pains and obstacles, the tirelessly hardworking entrepreneurs of this community are opening doors and achieving success. We appreciate and recognize you. 

The team at Budrisk is dedicated to understanding the unique challenges that come with starting and operating a cannabis business. Our clients face new and evolving regulations that can disrupt growth. We help our clients navigate efficiently through these regulatory hurdles. Unlike general providers, we remain dedicated to the cannabis industry, and this requires an in-depth knowledge of the rules and regs. 

We often learn the daily challenges of an operator by visiting clients on-site, hosting them for a meal, or attending events. After another successful Harvest Cup, our team visited NYC and gathered a roundtable with three new cannabis operators, ancillary partners, and our retail client Nughub to discuss industry developments and strategies in the Tri-State area. Shortly after, we shipped out to MJBizCon to network with industry-leading clients and underwriters. These events and daily forums are paramount to stay up to date on this evolving industry.

Find us at upcoming events like the Open Industry Holiday Party on December 22nd for a consumption-friendly event and live music, more info below. Join us in the ecosystem where business owners and operators get to connect, share experiences, and celebrate each others’ success. As a community, operators will learn to transform, innovate, and support each other.


How can we help?

Budrisk strives to meet our client's evolving business needs beyond insurance. If there is any way we can further promote your business, please don't hesitate to let us know. 

It is our goal that Budrisk clients feel satisfied with their service and supported at every step of their business journey. 

As we are always on the lookout for new business, do you know anyone else in the cannabis industry who would benefit from our services? 

If yes, send us an email at


Introducing Our Strategic Partner: Anderson Porter Design

Since 2014, Anderson Porter Design has excelled in the cannabis industry offering architectural services across various facility types—from cultivation and manufacturing to processing, retail, and beyond. Their experience in medical device manufacturing design uniquely positioned them to understand and address stringent protocols, quality management systems, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) essential for these specialized facilities.

Anderson Porter Design takes pride in its innovative proprietary stage gate process crafted to suit the unique requirements of cannabis projects. From the very first endeavor in 2014, APD recognized the importance of a tailored workflow, delivery approach, and a consultant team finely attuned to the distinct demands of this dynamic industry. Achieving milestones and effectively managing intricate facilities demands the expertise of a well-coordinated and seasoned team.  

From the initial stages of site planning to the celebratory ribbon-cutting moments, APD collaborates with both first-time entrepreneurs and established cannabis industry leaders. APD is dedicated to designing, engineering, and constructing facilities that transform ideas into successful, profitable businesses.


This Month's Featured Client: NugHub

NugHubNY is Staten Island’s first legal cannabis retailer, servicing Staten Island and Brooklyn. NugHub is the place for all your marijuana needs (and wants), whether it be flower, vape, edibles, or concentrates! Their goal, and commitment to customers, is to be the purveyors of New York’s finest cannabis and to deliver it to you in the comfort of your home or office!


Upcoming Events

Join Sensi Media and their partners for a consumption-friendly, two-part b2b event with live music ft. performances by The Sensi Allstars + special guests at Diaspora Exp in Cambridge, MA.

  • 7-9:30pm Private Buyers Club by invite only.

  • 9:30pm-12am Open Industry Holiday Party for $20.


Employee of the Month

Adam Jacknow

Adam is a local Boston entrepreneur with a specialty in marketing, operations, and IT. As a marketing representative for Budrisk, Adam recently joined us at MJBizCon and The Harvest Cup. 


Featured Testimonial

"All the staff have always been there whenever I had any concerns or issues. The customer service that I get from Budrisk is great and truly appreciated!”

- Jeff Similien, LowKey

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