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The Cannabis Industry’s #1 Trusted Choice for Specialized Insurance Services.


Budrisk is a specialty insurance brokerage with underwriting expertise and relationships. We are risk advisors helping our clients find the most competitive insurance solutions. We got our start in 2017 to fulfill the insurance needs of budding cannabis businesses in Massachusetts and expanded our service to Maine in 2020. 


Today, we service dozens of firms with our high standard of professionalism and attention to detail. We understand what makes your business unique and can give you the peace of mind needed to keep your company running smoothly.


Cannabis Growth & Cultivation Insurance

Cannabis growth is the beginning of the entire marijuana industry. 

Our cultivation insurance can protect your business from potential property damage, injury, and unexpected business destruction.

Cannabis Processing & Manufacturing Insurance

Protecting your business from direct physical loss, injury, professional liability and general liability. We have the right marijuana manufacturer insurance policy for you. 

Cannabis Distribution & Delivery Insurance

Safe and timely transport of valuable cargo is one of the fastest-growing aspects of the marijuana industry. Budrisk can protect you from product theft and vehicle damage. 

Cannabis Laboratories & Testing Insurance

Labotary insurance is critical for labs as testing mistakes including improper testing standards can lead to expensive consequences.


Cannabis Retail & Dispensary Insurance

Dispensary companies have high levels of face-to-face interaction with customers. We have the experience to protect your store, your employees, and yourself from the financial consequences of potential harm. 

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More services are coming soon...




What our clients think about us: 

I've run into Budrisk at events and conventions around the Northeast.  If you need a resource or contact in Cannabis, this group knows everyone in the business- from legal to construction, real estate, tech, suppliers, staffing or venture capital. Budrisk has nationwide connections.  This is not just an insurance agency- Budrisk is a goldmine of knowledge and relationships specialized in Cannabis.

---------- Sarah L. 

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