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Livin' the High Life @ MJBizCon!

Budrisk is traveling to Las Vegas this year for the un-be-weedable MJBizCon!

MJBizCon is taking place at the Las Vegas Convention on November 15-18 this year. With 1,400 exhibitors, 34,000+ attendees, 180+ speakers, and 320,000+ of square footage to explore, this convention is no joke. All types of cannabis businesses travel here: cultivation products, lab services, retail and dispensary stores, to business services such as software, staffing, marketing, HR, and of course, insurance!

The expo also features "The Joint" and the "Elevation Lounge", where Art and Jim relaxed and made new connections.

Some notable speakers include Berner, the CEO & Cofounder of Cookies, as well as Jeannette Ward-Horton, the CEO of NuProject.

If it's your first-time at MJBizCon, don't worry! Plenty of other first-timers are also attending, which is why there's the First-Timers open house.

Here's our President and CEO, Jim Boynton and Art Catapang hanging out with client Joe Gratta at MJBizCon!

Want to learn more about Budrisk? Visit our website:


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