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We're Thankful For You! Celebrate This Harvest Season With Budrisk.

The Cannabis Industry’s #1 Trusted Choice for Insurance Services.


This year has been a journey. Our guiding mission to learn from the community and educate our insurance partners has helped bring together a whole new approach to underwriting the risk of cannabis. Cannabis operators are having to test new strategies and carefully monitor budgets. With tightening budgets, we often see our clients and prospective clients assuming more responsibilities and risk. We also see exciting and innovative solutions now being implemented to help stimulate sales and marketing exposure. Raising capital and securing talent are still among the top factors challenging emerging operators, but now we are seeing new states come online marking a major shift in the national landscape. The industry is in the next stage of growth, and the team at Budrisk could not be more grateful for your support and ongoing referrals.

A few of the Budrisk agents are headed to NYC and Vegas in the upcoming month, so please reach out to us to link up for some high jinks and networking with our clients and friends. We will also be seeing many of you this weekend at The Harvest Cup and our after-party setup will be at the Palladium 7-11pm (get your $25 ticket here, it's not too late!). Come by our table and grab some swag from our new brand ambassador, Taylor Loud. The rest of the team will be with her or hovering around to catch up with the other sponsors. Good luck to all of the contestants!


Introducing Our Strategic Partner: Flourish Software

One of our favorite software vendors is Flourish. A secure and defensible record covering from Cultivation to Retail helping our clients know their assets, stay compliant, and get lower rates!

Flourish provides unified multi-license/ multi-vertical reporting. For large-scale operators, this means relying on one system as a source of truth, saving you money by reducing the software providers in your existing tech stack.

Their modular platform has models for Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail with industry-specific workflows and integrations to drive efficiencies, providing your business with unified reporting that encompasses every stage of the supply chain.

Flourish is the #1 software that we trust to provide operators with this conclusive information, allowing you to precisely track your assets and allowing us to more effectively identify risk and protect your business.


This Month's Featured Client

This company approached Budrisk in 2017 to discuss insurance options, and we are so excited for their opening day on November 18th.

Comm Ave Canna is owned and operated by the same people who managed The Living Room in The North End and Perfect Tan near Boston University. It’s been a long road, but the team worked their way through the challenges of shifting into the cannabis industry and is now launching in one of the busiest neighborhoods in Boston. Surrounded by colleges, music, and sports venues, many excellent restaurants, and a booming population, Comm Ave Canna will be a destination for cannabis enthusiasts. Come check out this new retail location next week!


Upcoming Events

The Harvest Cup is the premier New England cannabis competition taking place November 11th and 12th in Worcester, Massachusetts, culminating with an expo featuring hundreds of vendors, artists, live podcasts, and the reveal of all the winners.

New England is now green with all states supplying medical marijuana to patients and FIVE (MA, ME, VT, RI and CT) with legal cannabis. It’s time to show other regions that our growers and producers know a thing or two about cannabis. Click here to get your tickets.


Join us at LowKey Dispensary’s grand opening on Saturday, November 18th in Dorchester, MA. Visit the Budrisk table from 12-5pm and celebrate LowKey’s ribbon cutting ceremony around 3pm.


Let’s come together this November to share our passion for the plant, our mutual experiences, and to grow as a community at MJBizCon. 

With more than 1,400 exhibitors, 30,000 executives, and 110 speakers, this is an event that can help you take your business to the next level. MJBizCon is the perfect mix of newbies looking to enter the market and the OG’s who dared to push boundaries and paved the way for others to be successful in the early days of the legal cannabis market.

MJBizCon is where the game-changers, rule-breakers, and disruptors unite to connect, innovate, and leave their mark on the industry. So, let’s DARE TO GROW together and conquer the challenges ahead! Click here to purchase tickets.


Employee of the Month

Taylor Loud, Brand Ambassador & Marketing Coordinator

Taylor just joined the Budrisk team to support digital marketing efforts. 

Her specialties include paid advertisements, social media management, and digital marketing. She has agency experience developing integrated marketing initiatives for global brands, delivering complex marketing campaigns, and building meaningful B2B partnerships.

Taylor loves to travel and recently adopted a rescue puppy named Riley! 


To get a comprehensive insurance proposal for your cannabis business and connect with an agent specialist please complete our survey here.

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